Wizard Software and Enterprise System Integration

Your organizationís enterprise software and databases may contain data that should be integrated with your new facility management or real estate administration application. Many Wizard Software customers have obtained successful integration of our software applications with their other software. The systems that we have integrated with include financial systems, supply chain management, and human resource applications. Specific examples include Lawson Financials, PeopleSoft, and QuickBooks, based on databases that include Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, as well as many others.

Our development platform provides many of the standard technologies that support interfacing with external systems, including ODBC, JDBC, SQL, and XML. These tools, as well as other supporting technologies and techniques allow us to implement flexible solutions to your integration needs. The interfaces we have implemented include feeding data:
  • From the external system to the Wizard Software application
  • From the Wizard Software application to the external system
  • In both directions ensuring that data changed in either system is updated in the other system

Integrration Types

At Wizard Software, we have the expertise to fully understand your external system interfacing needs, and to implement those requirements accurately with high performance and reliability. The result is a facility management or real estate administration solution that is an integral part your total computer software infrastructure.

For more information download our enterprise system integration white paper in PDF format.

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